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New Mobile app Overtake

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Game Platform in Iran

 Publish Your Games in on revenu sharing basis 




With International sanctions gone, Iran is very much open for business.

We can help you enter the Iranian market with our following services:

Provide consultancy and market research

Provide payment for your online products/ games

Publish your games/ apps in Iran

Conduct advertising campaign for your products/ games

We have a big database of Iranian users and all Iranian mobile numbers. 

Group Title IT
Date : 2016/5/2

Rank :
Tools such as Last Pass and Dashlane can save you a lot of headaches
New data breaches are coming to light almost weekly and they reveal a simple but troubling fact: many people still choose weak passwords and reuse them across multiple sites. The reality is, remembering dozens of complex passwords is almost impossible, and carrying them around on a scrap of paper that you have to keep updating is a huge hassle. That’s why password managers exist. Here’s why they’re important, and how to get the most out of them.
Group Title IT
Date : 2016/6/19

Multi-process Firefox project nears completion of first phase
Mozilla is nearing a production release of a multi-process Firefox, the "largest change we've ever made to Firefox," a company product manager said this week.

"If all goes well in our beta testing, we're about 6 weeks away from shipping the first phase of e10s to Firefox release users with the launch of Firefox 48 on August 2," wrote Asa Dotzler, the product manager in charge of the Firefox roadmap, in a Monday post to his personal blog.
Group Title technology
Date : 2016/6/9

Government's official news service quotes expert who claims Microsoft has abused its position in the PRC

Chinese users have complained about Microsoft's latest aggressive move to get them to adopt Windows 10, according to the news service backed by the country's Communist government.

"IT giant Microsoft is under fire in China as the company pushes users to upgrade their operating systems to Windows 10," said China Daily, an English-language newspaper in the People's Republic of China (PRC), in a story reprinted from Xinhua, the government's official news agency.
Group Title IT
Date : 2016/5/28

Google says welcome to the Cloud 2.0
Enterprises' initial entrance into the cloud is over and they witnessing the arrival of the Cloud 2.0. That's the word from Diane Greene, senior vice president for Google's cloud businesses.
Group Title IT
Date : 2016/5/25

Rank :
Microsoft Flow makes it easy for anyone to string together inputs, outputs, and actions into simple applications
 Not all cloud applications need to be cloud-scale. They’re often simple routing and switching apps that take information from one source, process it minimally, then pass it on. That’s where tools like IFTTT and Yahoo Pipes came into play, allowing you to quickly build and share information flows that linked one service to another. Sadly, Yahoo Pipes has been shut down, and IFTTT has concentrated on simple links to the Internet of things.
Group Title IT
Date : 2016/5/21

Rank :
New APIs for Google's Sheets, Slides, and Classroom apps ....
Google this week began offering APIs to help the flow of data between users' apps and those Google offers.
APIs introduced include Sheets, for programmatic access to features users can add to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, and Slides, for exporting business data from apps to provide content and visuals for Google Slides slide decks. The Classroom API, launched last year, has added coursework endpoints for developers to sync grades and assignment data between the Google Classroom tool and applications.
Group Title IT
Date : 2016/5/19

How startups can attract and retain cloud talent
Although vendor-written, this contributed piece does not promote a product or service and has been edited and approved by Network World editors.

Today, it’s rare to encounter a company that doesn’t use the cloud. According to a recent RightScale report, 93% of organizations surveyed are running applications in the cloud or experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service, and 82% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy, up from 74% in 2015.

Group Title IT
Date : 2016/5/15

A new app for the Mac and Windows will help the messaging service better match its competition
WhatsApp is taking its popular messaging service to the desktop with a new Mac and Windows app released Tuesday.

It's a pretty straightforward app: the millions of WhatsApp users can now continue conversations from their phone on a computer, and vice versa. That's a boon for people who want to chat with friends on WhatsApp without having to use their phones.
Group Title technology
Date : 2016/5/11

Sharepoint is going mobile this year with a new app
SharePoint is going mobile in a big way. Microsoft announced a new app for its content management and collaboration platform on Tuesday, which will give workers a way to access content from their smartphones and tablets on the go.

The app, called SharePoint Mobile, will be coming to iOS by the end of June, and is one of dozens of new features for the platform that Microsoft announced alongside the general availability of SharePoint Server 2016.
Group Title IT
Date : 2016/5/4